Well, that feeling that we’ve been here before has crept up on us this past week. Kendall picked up what seemed to be an every day cold on Saturday evening. Things quickly got worse through Sunday and Monday. By Monday night, she was coughing really bad and we feared that she had pneumonia. I took her into the ER Monday night and she was admitted with Bronchialitis. She was tested for RSV, (which hospitalized her last year for 6 days) and for the flu which were both negative. However, her condition was so bad that they needed to admit her. So, we have been here 24 hours and we hope to get home tomorrow before Cathy starts having the new baby. She is due any day now, so we decided to check in for the whole week… We know St. Alexius inside and out and continue to make ourselves at home with every new visit. In fact, we are starting to be on a first name basis with the staff here.

On a more positive note, Kendall had been making great strides in her speech and fine motor skills. She has been making noises that we haven’t heard before and she has shown more interest in using her hands with her toys. She is also standing better and bearing weight on her legs. Her therapists believe that the one thing that keeps her back is motivation. Her drive to go after a toy or to get something she wants will push her skills further. At this time, she does not show an interest in doing much on her own.

She has also become an unbelieveably happy baby. She laughes all the time and loves to be tickled. Cathy and I often talk about how she has so much love to give and is truly the happiest baby we’ve ever seen. We feel so lukcy that she is a part of our life and try to see the light that she sheds on us every day. The trials and tribulations she encounters have slowed in pace and the positive influence she has on our family has exponentially grown over the past few weeks. She gives so much feedback and has nothing but love to share. The challenge we face now is to make sure that we bring in a new child without disrupting the current balance with Kendall and Carsen. I see Alex playing a larger role in our family as she grows to be a young adult. Carsen loves hanging out with her and her presence around the house will be good for everyone as we welcome a new member to the family.

Kendall at St. Alexius 3-3-09


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2 Responses to Deja Vu

  1. Sue says:

    I can’t wait to see you guys with a new little babe!

    🙂 please keep us posted!
    Sue and gang!

  2. hedgehog33 says:

    Wow you guys were in the hospital the same time as us. I hope your little girl is doing better. Ours is having a hardtime putting on weight she just turned a year and is only 11.14lbs.

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