When Kendall was first diagnosed, Cathy and I had a hard time comprehending what was ahead of us. This year has been challenging for us and we have found that we appreciate all the little things much better than we used to. Over the past month, Kendall has made significant strides. We have realized that just the smallest of things make us happy for her and for us. She has clearly made us better people, as we now appreciate what we have in her.

It is Christmas Eve and I was compelled to add a little something out here since she made one more step toward improving her developmental skills. Over the last month, she has found that her hands can actually hold things and she has started grabbing items in front of her. In the past, she would look at them as if they weren’t even there.

The picture below shows her holding her bottle. She held on through the whole feeding, but was only able to hold it all by herself for just a moment. We got that one on film! Once again, a little step for her, but huge in the grand scheme of things. We relish these moments every chance we can..

Holding her bottle on her own for the first time…

Getting a little tired

A big smile!
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One Response to Being Thankful

  1. Sue says:

    Awww! She is so cutie!

    So happy to see her doing so well!
    Merry Christmas to you guys!!!

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