We take for granted what it is that babies do as they develop through their first few years. Although Kendall is slow to arrive at those milestones that seemed so natural for Carsen to achieve, we find ourselves celebrating every little achievement. Growing from just a few cells to be able to do what we all do day in and day out is a miracle in and of itself. The human body is so complex and one tiny change in the genesis of life can alter every simple developmental goal, as we are finding out with Kendall. Although she is slow to reach these milestones, she continues to make progress. Just in the past few weeks, she has mastered grabbing her legs and turning over from front to back. She also grabs at items in front of her as she decides they are worth grabbing. She has also become more aware of her mouth and has taken to the bottle more consistently, but only as she is falling asleep.

The challenges are presented to us as a new mountain we need to climb every day. We hope that she can make strides more quickly over the next few months. Carsen is dying to play with her and it’s tough for us to sit and watch him take her hand and try to get her to hold his trains or toys. He tries so hard to get her to interact with him. It’s sad in some ways, but also very satisfying to see how much he loves her. She will always have a big brother that will look out for her…

On another note, today we met with the Kidney doctor and Kendall will need to go through a few more tests to determine the level of function in her kidneys and whether or not there is reflux occurring. One test will be very invasive and hopefully she will not remember it. The other should be fairly smooth. Our hope is that both kidneys are functioning well and that our only action will be to keep an eye out for any change of signs pointing to kidney problems. We are hopeful that everything will test out as normal as possible. We will know more over the next few months.

Kendall didn’t take too kind to the cold water at the pool…

Carsen loves his little sister.

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