Kendall’s been with us for 5 months now and it is weird to think that she wasn’t even around just a few short months ago.

She has been very active these past 2 weeks. It started with her 5 month check up and everything looked good except her weight showed her only gaining 4 oz in the past month. We were very concerned as we have been doing as much as we could to pump her full of food (we later found out that their scale might be wrong). The only item that needed attention was that she was having trouble eating at times and it seemed to be a struggle for her to eat her full amount at the times she should be hungry. The doctor didn’t seem concerned since she had been gaining weight, just not at the clip we expected.

Then, just a few days ago she started getting a cough, most likely picked up from Carsen. It got worse and we got really concerned when she started throwing up her food. We instantly brought her into the ER and they admitted her yesterday. She has RSV, which is a virus common to children and dangerous to infants and premature babies. Cathy and I have been taking turns staying at the hospital with her while she gets oxygen and fluids via the IV. She has also been getting her passageways suctioned to allow for her to breathe better. This helps a lot when it is time for her to eat. We plan on staying here as long as we need to. Ironically, my mother has been at the same hospital, 2 floors up recovering from getting a tumor removed from her stomach. I’m hoping 2008 will get better soon!

Kendall continues to be an unbelievably great baby with no fussing and full of smiles. She loves to hang out with us and is just a charm to be with. She still looks young for her age with passer-bys thinking she is just a few weeks old. We love her just the way she is!


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