Only a short 3 weeks ago, Kendall was bottoming out at 3lbs as she adjusted to her new environment at the hospital. Just the other day, for her 1 month check up, she weighed in at over 5lbs. We weren’t sure how much weight she was putting on, but were thinking that maybe she was in the 4.5 lbs range. To our surprise and excitement, she gained nearly 1.5 lbs in just 2 weeks. We were very happy for her and her great achievement!

She has been doing so great being home and seems to like it here. She is like clockwork and is up about every 3 hours or so and wolfs down 2 oz at a crack. We have found a pattern that seems to work well for Cathy and me and Kendall helps by letting us get 3 hour chunks of sleep at a time. Carsen has also been adjusting, which has been very helpful. His schedule has migrated from getting up at 6:30am to sleeping in until 8:30. This has been huge for us as we try to get any sleep we can.

Additionally, Alex has been a good big sister by playing with Carsen and helping out when she can. Carsen likes her and has been able to give us breaks chasing him all over the house so that we can care for Kendall.

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