It is hard to believe that our little girl is now 3 weeks old. It is even harder to believe that technically she shouldn’t even be here yet. Her due date was not until August 20, still 2 weeks out.

We took her to the eye doctor earlier this week to have her eyes checked again. Apparently preemie eyes are prone to more disorders than full-term babies since they have not had a chance to fully develop. However, Kendall continues to surpass all expectations, and passed the eye screen with flying colors. Her eyes, though still premature, are farther along than the doctors had anticipated. She has one more appointment to go, then she should be finished with eye checks for a while. She goes back to the pediatrician next week for her one month check up and an immunization.

She continues to do very well, picking up weight each day. She is starting to look more and more like a baby, too! She is very patterned already, sleeping roughly 3-5 hours at a time, which of course Mommy is quite happy with!


One Response to Kendall is 3 Weeks Old!!

  1. Dawn Dingraudo says:

    How precious she is. She is definitly a little kiss from heaven. Kevin, and Cathy, congratulations to another beautiful addition to your already beautiful and loving family.
    Love you. Dawn

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