The experience I’ve had with Kendall since she has been born has been unbelievable. Her early entrance into this world happened so that we could spend more time with her. About every 3 hours, she cries for food and her need for us is such a great feeling. Although we are up in the night, usually more than once, it is a treat to go into her room and prepare her for a bottle of food. She loves to lay on top of us as she falls into another peaceful state for yet another 3 hours.

Recently, she has been spending more time looking around inbetween naps. She’s starting to take it all in and hasn’t been too fussy, especially when she is wrapped up like a tight burrito. The snuggly blanket that keeps her arms secure and her legs from wandering give her the security she needs to feel safe at home.

I love every minute with her and always look forward to the next time I can hang out with her.


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