We got to visit Kendall whenever we wanted. Our visits to the hospital became a routine. Cathy would go first thing in the day and spend the morning with her. She would either come home for lunch or stay at the hospital (getting free lunch) and then come home around dinner time. I would then go visit her for her feeding around 8:30. I would try to spend a few hours with her, feed her and just hold her for a while. It was a very peaceful experience for both of us. Sitting with her and holding her cleared our minds of everthing outside of the NICU. Nothing else seemed as important as being there for her.

She lost a little weight at first, dropping down to about 3 pounds. She quickly started taking feedings and was gaining about 1 oz/day and was quickly back to her birth weight after about 1 week.

She had to stay in the incubator until she could maintain her own body temperature.


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